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Varoufakis' message to Australian Greeks

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis called negotiations with "institutions” “debilitating" in a message, at a meeting to show solidarity to the Greek government and the Greek people held Tuesday in Melbourne.

Even a ten year old now understands that the huge loan can not be served through strict austerity measures, while the national income of Greece has fallen 25%, said Mr. Varoufakis in his message. "In the end, if you have a sick cow and beat constantly to produce more milk, all you will accomplish is to weaken it more and to not produce any milk," he noted.

The Greek minister said that the International Monetary Fund and northern European partners refuse to accept the reality that "the policy is disastrous both for Greece and for Europe itself," while adding that negotiations are tough and the government has to face a new type of coup "not with tanks, as in 1967, but through banks."

"We will continue to speak the truth and I hope that we will come to an agreement. You make compromises, but we will not beat a hasty retreat," hestressed and added "national effort that transcends the boundaries of Greece and bridges with Australia 'gathering of solidarity with the Greek government and the Greek people.

He noted that in the difficult period of negotiations with partners " a national front against the falsehood of sustainable crisis and self-incapacitation, that creates a large austerity crisis, has been created" and said: "And your support that has no party signs and inscriptions is viewed as a national effort that transcends the boundaries of Greece and bridges Greece to Australia. "

In the ten minute video message, Mr. Varoufakis analyzed briefly how Greece was led to crisis and how to deal with it.

At the same time, he conveyed to Melbourne Hellenism greetings and love of his associates, the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the Council of Ministers and the whole Greek parliament "for solidarity in these difficult times." "I hope to see you very soon in Melbourne," he concluded.

The message from Mr. Varoufakis was presented at the event held as part of the campaign "Let Greece breathe" under the auspices of the Australian-Solidarity Campaign (Australia-Greece Solidarity Campaign), and the Labour Centre (Trades Hall) of Melbourne.