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Peter Latos Prostate Cancer Foundation Held Successful Annual Gala

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The Peter Latos Prostate Cancer Foundation held its 2nd Annual Gala on Thursday, June 11th.

The fundraising event was hosted at the Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, NY. Supporters came together for a night of cocktails, dinner and dancing, in honor of the late Peter Latos.

The Peter Latos Prostate Cancer Foundation's mission is to save lives through early detection, through prostate cancer screenings and PSA blood tests. The prostate cancer detection initiative was established by the late Peter Latos, to raise awareness and help save lives. The disease is a silent killer and a routine check-up can be life saving.

Renowned prostate surgeon Dr. David Samadi, who was Latos' doctor and friend, spoke to the crowd on the urgency of PSA testing. As Latos stated before his untimely death, "Check your PSA...it's only ONE SIMPLE BLOOD TEST." The Peter Latos Prostate Cancer Foundation, along with Dr. David Samadi, offeres the opportunity for local men in the New York City region to check their prostate for free each year.

Early detection screening took place this year at Astoria's Cavo Lounge, which was transformed into an organized temporary medical center to administer the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Exam. The PSA test is considered painless and is no different than a routine blood test.  As Dr. Samadi has stressed, prostate cancer shouldnʼt only be considered "a sickness for the elderly."

The late Peter Latos was tragically diagnosed with the disease at the age of 42, and eventually succumbed to it only five years later, at 47-years-old. This year's Peter Latos Prostate Cancer Foundation's 2nd Annual Gala had a large turnout, as a plethora of prostate cancer supporters, advocates, and Peter Latos' family and friends, came together to generate funds to combat the deadly disease. Additional information about the Foundation can be found at: http://plpcf.org/.