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Huffington's Deportation Stance

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Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief and President Arianna Huffington was featured on Fusion Live yesterday, to promote her new book Thrive.

During the segment, the highly successful Greek media mogul discussed her opinions on President Obama's deportation protocols.

Huffington stated, "I feel that when it comes to deportations it's been very inhumane...I feel this is very un-American and if that was done by a Republican we would've been much more up in arms". This isn't the first time she has publicly stated her disapproval at contemporary deportation procedures.

Last summer Huffington declared to former White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe on This Week, "...detention and deportation is a nightmare for families. It's a bit like a gulag". She has mentioned her deportation stance before as well, during her Thrive book tour.