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CNN Producer Arvanitidis Injured During World Cup Protests

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Yesterday, CNN Greek-American producer Barbara Arvanitidis along with her two colleagues, were injured in Brazil's violent anti-World Cup demonstrations.

Protestors in the streets of Sao Paulo are rallying against the costly and what they view as wasteful, FIFA World Cup. The government of Brazil has spent approximately 6.7 billion dollars on the tournament, while tons of its citizens remain in poverty.

Arvanitidis was reportedly hurt by a stun grenade and cried out for CNN Brazil bureau chief Shasta Darlington. BBC correspondent Wyre Davies offered first aid treatments to the producer.

The Greek-American is a mother of two and has worked in leading news portals that include ITN and BBC.  The journalist was hospitalized and was left with a large gash on her arm. She is fluent in Greek, English, French and Portuguese. She currently resides in Brazil.