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"Mining for Ruby" Stars Billy Zane

Greek-American actor Billy Zane has embarked on his latest role in Mining for Ruby.

The new movie's plot centers around a depressed widower who later falls for a enthusiastic environmental engineering graduate student, with a problematic past.

Director Zoe Quist described the Greek-American entertainer, "And Mr. Billy Zane who is nothing short of masterful, on and off screen", as stated on the movie's website. The movie also star Jonathan Bennet, Antoinette Kalaj, Mischa Barton and Daniel Ponickly.

Zane was born in Chicago to Greek parents; his mother hails from Chios while his father originates from Mani. His original surname was Zanetakos (Ζανετάκος) and was later Americanized to Zane. Mining for Ruby's trailer can be viewed below.