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Nikos Dimou's To Potami Resignation

Nikos Dimou recently reported his resignation from the centrist political party, To Potami.

The author's party termination results in his open questioning, asking if the Holy Fire transported from Jerusalem to Greece on Easter is a miracle.

Dimou's actions have been been majorly criticized since Wednesday, by a variety of politicians. He stated, "I was just a simple member of the party but my name is well known and the media identified us as one and the same...That is how the party and I wound up in trouble".

The writer also pondered Greece's transfer of the flame to Athens on a specialized flight, in addition to his skepticism that the Holy Fire arrives in Christ's tomb every Easter. Nikos Dimou added, "I will continue to back To Potami and Stavros Theodorakis...I am sorry that without wanting to I damaged the party".