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Greeks again migrating to Australia

Around 33,951 Greeks settled in Australia from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013, according to official statistics of the Ministry of Migration and Border Protection of Australia.


Most of them were either Australian citizens or have permanent residency visas in Australia or were people who were born in Australia. The second largest group, approximately 9,000 people went to Australia from Greece on a tourist visa and many of them are looking for a way to change the visa so as to prolong their stay in the country.

The data was presented at a seminar organized by the Australian-Greek Welfare Society on Migration Law and the recent changes that have occurred in some types of visa for Australia. The seminar was held in the Greek language, at the offices of Welfare in Brunswick, Melbourne, in collaboration with PB & B Immigration Lawyers and speaker lawyer Immigration Law, Maria Psychogiou and mainly for newcomers Greeks. For the purpose of general information about the immigration system in Australia, Ms. Psychogiou stressed that the costs and forms, especially for “skilled visas”, change up to two times a year.

To avoid the phenomena of these people being defrauded, Mrs. Psychogiou analyzed the basic requirements and documentation required in the student visa (restricted hours), partner visas and work visas.