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Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund Holds May 10th Gala

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The Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund is gearing up for its upcoming May 10th Gala, which will award 35 scholarships to exceptional Greek-American students.

In total, the Fund has granted 885 scholarships, totaling over $2.2 million dollars to Hellenic pupils across the nation.  Scholarship revenues are primarily generated through the HTSF's journal, raffle and donations. The Awards Gala marks the Fund's singular annual fundraiser.  Amazingly, a mere 6 cents per dollar raised goes towards HTSF operating costs.

This year's Gala pays tribute to humanitarian Michael Psaros, international artist Mario Frangoulis and FBI Assistant Director George Venizelos. Guest performers include Valantis and Kathy Sledge. For tickets, please visit: www.htsf.org or call: (212) 986-6881.