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Daytime Emmy Awards Honors Betty White

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Betty White was honored with a Lifetime Achievement award by the Daytime Emmy Awards last night for her career, spanning seven decades.

The 93-year-old Greek American legend was commemorated in Burbank, CA. Upon receiving her trophy White declared, "Oh my goodness! I cannot tell you what this means...Hello Beautiful!"

The Greek-American actress and commedian added, "I have been in this business for a long time. You may not notice that, but when I started in 1949 I had no idea that I would still be around at this point, for one thing. But that I'd still be privileged enough to still be in this business, and it is such a privilege."

White thanked all of her supporters, "All those years that I had no idea I'd still be working though [are] so much thanks to you and your mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers. And a couple of great grandfathers when I was younger."