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Mena Suvari Lands "Hysteria" Lead

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Greek-American actress Mena Suvari has just signed on as the lead in Amazon Studio's drama Hysteria.

She is set to play Dr. Logan Harlow in the drama, who is an extremely complicated, smart, and charismatic but awkward psychiatrist and neurologist. The plot centers around the doctor traveling back to her hometown of Austin, in order to analyze a baffling teenge girl epidemic, that may be transmitted via technology.

Suvari shot to international fame due to her roles in American Beauty and American Pie. The successful entertainer's ethnic background is both Greek and Estonian. Her Egyptian godmother coined her Mena, after the House of Mena Hotel, located at the base of the Egyptian pyramids.

Mena Suvari is proud of her Hellenistic roots, and has mentioned them publicly. While working with fellow Greek-American actress Jennifer Aniston on the set of Rumor Has It, the actress stated of their bond: "Well we're both Greek, which is a shoe-in right there. But you know when we met, it just was really easy. We ended up sharing stories about our past, our childhood and our upbringing, that it just kind of happened. I mean, she has such a warm, down to earth, easygoing personality that you can't help but open yourself up to her."