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We are One Greece

Translation By Lisa Darilis

"We are one Greece" say celebrity Greeks of the diaspora, as they send a distinct message of support to Greece, who is experiencing difficult times during this period of economic and social unrest. This message came in the form of a video, which was produced for Hellenic Initiative's "One Greece" campaign and was aired for the first time at their recent inaugural banquet.

This video was written by Diane Mantouvalos, a principal of a public relations company and the "front woman" of the distribution of this philanthropic campaign.

The introductory in this video stated:

"Greece needs you today more than ever before. To help families impacted by the economic crisis. To support entrepreneurs as they grow ideas into businesses, creating jobs and changing the hopes and expectations of a generation. To promote investment and economic development to get the economy moving again. And to bring together our collective capabilities to shape an economy for the 21st century."

Several Greek celebrities appeared in this video, including our very own New Greek T.V. president, Yanna Darilis. Some other known names who appeared in the video include Giannis Antetokounpo, N.B.A. rookie for the Milwaukee Bucks, chef Argiro Barbarigou, actor Kostas Sommer, Nutritionist Dr. Maria Psoma and others.