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"Kalimera USA" Features Ernie Anastos!

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Recently, New Greek TV's Kalimera USA featured award winning journalist Ernie Anastos as its guest. His stellar journalism skills earned Anastos an abundance of awards. The Greek-American seasoned news anchor has covered the most pivotal news stories, over the last three decades. Ernie Anastos is the first and only New York TV anchor, to receive the highly acclaimed Lifetime Emmy Award.

Ernie Anastos sat down with New Greek TV President and host Yanna Darilis, and offered an intimate account of his accomplishments, life, and ethnic pride. Upon entering the New Greek TV studios, the Greek-American commented on how the environment is "very Greek", which is immensely important to him.

The extremely successful news anchor discussed how he is very grateful to be on TV all these years, and represent in many ways, the Greek-American community and Greek culture. He believes it is an encouragement to Greek-Americans to be whatever you can be, and discover your own God given talents. Anastos described, "...not looking for success in life but looking for significance".

The journalist attributes his bright disposition to being raised in a Greek-American home, that was very proud of who they are. Anastos has a strong belief in God and spirituality, that he learned from his papou, a Greek Orthodox priest. He learned that: "life is to be lived".

During this episode of Kalimera USA, Anastos shares the most powerful news story he ever covered, his thoughts on the future of media, who the most important people are in his life, and an intimate account of how he spends his free time.